Future Projects


Cloisters Exhibition

I have arranged an exhibition of my work in October at Cloisters, a Barristers Chambers.

They hold regular art exhibitions there and as well as the Private View, they have a regular stream of lawyers and clients through their building who will see my work.


Art of Caring

I exhibited in this exhibition last year. I have two prints that will be on display later this year.



In order to make my art practice sustainable I implement the following strategies:

I re-use canvases wherever possible, only keeping paintings I am really happy with. I like the practice of painting on top of other images as I feel like the layers of work subconciously inform my new painting, like layers of history.

I recycle paper and any other recyclable materials I use.

I work with found objects to keep costs down in my practice, as well as the fact that I love the history and narrative bound up in old collected things.

I try to sell work to make myself self sufficient, and to fund my art expenses.

To be a sustainable artist I must rely on the following:

Community, I must be connected to a network or community of artists and work collaboratively.

My skills as an artist.

Must have work time and down time.

I must have a mission statement or purpose for producing my work.

Planning, this makes all work that is produced proactive.

These stratagies are discussed in Andrew Simonet's Making your Life as an Artist 





Key Strategies:







Down Time

Sell work

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