Postcard Album

This album contains a series of disrupted found postcards, the interventions often subtle, disturbing the expectations of the viewer.

Postcards, like the family photographs, act as triggers for memories, keepsakes and reminders of people and place. Postcards as souvenir, carry the trace of the lived experience and personal histories. As object they show the signs of wear, the individuality of hand written messages and postmarks from their journey.

I interspersed the postcards with figures, places and collaged images to create new fictional landscapes, so changing the narratives and associations inherent in the image.

Postcard Connections

Postcard Connections, a collaborative piece with Lucy Malley, is recording place and interrelation with the postcards. The postcard is intrinsically linked not to it's maker but to its possessor, be it purchaser, sender or receiver. In this installation we arranged the cards into origin or destination and pinned them up so they were configured into an illusory map. The trajectory of the card was plotted with a red thread and these lines intersected and connected people and place. It was a mapping of connections in a postcard collection

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