Jaunt and Fossick

I worked with Naomi Avsec on this site-specific, collaborative, stop-motion film and installation on the theme of the Index.

The film depicted a journey around the Crypt, indexing through time, space and place. 1822 images were used to represent the year the Crypt was built. Alongside the projection, 12 objects were displayed to commemorate each year of Ellen Strachey’s life, the first person interred here.

We visited the Crypt and took thousands of photos for the film, walking in and around the building, and from these we each created a hundred or more drawings. Working on iMovie we arranged these into our 3-minute film. We also wanted to display some curios relating to the film and the Crypt in order to bring the experience further into the space, and develop the narrative alluded to in the film. This was a combination of found and made objects that we selected and curated in-situ to work within our allocated space.

The film was played on a loop, and was enhanced by being projected on to the dark brick walls. The objects were placed on a low shelf, and in the cubbyhole at the back of the space.

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