Bustons                                             Kentish Town Health Centre

Bustons is a collaborative, site-specific installation developed with Susan Walker.

It incorporates two mannequins from the recently closed iconic Kentish town fashion store Blustons, one wearing a calico bustier Alongside this is a 5 x 1.2 metre screen-printed, dip dyed calico hanging. The work references the changing ideals of femininity and investigates questions of self-image and aging.

We considered how the female body could be used to address issues of femininity and abjection. The work was made for and displayed in the Breast Screening Unit of Kentish Town Health Centre.

Elapses                                                                                                              Kentish Town Health Centre
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This work was created for the 'I knew who I was' exhibition at Kentish Town Health Centre I took lots of photographs all around the building at various times of the day.

I reworked and simplified these images to create a series of monochrome paintings that allude to the passing of time and the captured moment. I painted on small aluminium plates, referencing early photography and daguerreotype.

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