Rodeo Gallery   19th Feb – 30th – April


There are only four large paintings in this exhibition. They all feature a single or two figures in a pared back environment. The character is a grey suited non-descript male, the white-collar worker. The images are loosely painted with large strokes and sketchy lines, with details, like the flowers, almost drawn in. The male is seen in ordinary poses such as mopping up spilt water from a vase or lighting a candle on a cake – or stranger scenes such as looking down a hole in the ground. There is a bleakness and depressive atmosphere to the work, reiterated by the title of the show.

The relentless repetition of the everyday is seen in these snapshots of life. The dominating size of the canvases and full-scale figure emphasises the viewers’ involvement in the banal scenes. The painting of two figures with their backs to you suggests some furtive activity and the viewer, as voyeur, is left looking at the expanse of grey.

Georgiou uses simple bands of colour and lines to break up the space in each piece, it is if he is creating a stage set for his players, where you see the edge or top of the set or a nod towards the scenery.

The artist is from Greece, so the melancholy mood of the work may in some way be reflecting the economic and social problems of the country.

Exhibiting only four paintings, obviously limited by the gallery space, gives a greater intensity to each of the works and they hold our attention as we are engulfed in the dark scenes.

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